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Moving Your Business to Texas

Frustrated with tax increases or a burdensome and ever-increasing regulatory environment in your home state? A corporate relocation to a more business friendly state such as Texas could be the solution to increasing your bottom line.

Move your company to Texas, we can help!

It is becoming increasingly obvious in today’s economic and rampant regulatory environment that companies must move from one state to another to lower the cost of doing business and provide a better quality of life for owners and employees. Over the last decade Texas has consistently earned the reputation for being a business-friendly state with comparably light tax and regulatory burdens alongside employers having a highly-educated and skilled workforce as a resource.

Spotting a trend

In a 2011 article titled, The Best Cities for Jobs – Small, Medium, and Large, the author stated, “no place displayed more vibrancy than The Lone Star State, and Texas dominated the three size categories in the study for growth trends, mid-term growth and long-term growth, and momentum.”

In a 2012 report on America’s Fastest-Growing Cities, four of the nation’s top ten cities for economic performance are located in Texas: (1) Austin, (2) Dallas, (4) Houston, (9) San Antonio .

In a 2013 study, the trend continues with Texas once again dominating the charts having five of the nation’s top ten cities for good jobs: (1) Dallas, (2) Houston, (3) Austin, (4) Ft. Worth, and (6) San Antonio.

Getting started

If you are ready to enter the Texas market or move a business to Texas, let us be your corporate relocation resource. Contact us here with your questions about doing business in Texas.