GFRE is committed to providing our clients with measurable and lasting value through the exceptional planning, management and execution of each assignment. With our diverse experience in multiple real estate segments, including office, retail, industrial, multi-family, investment, business sales and acquisitions, special use and land development, we offer a full array of services to owners and investors, including the following:

Tenant Representation

As our core competency GFRE approaches tenant representation from an owner’s mindset in an advisory and advocate role. We analyze the client’s overall business concerns and develop tactical real estate solutions to help them achieve their financial and operational objectives. The result is an occupancy strategy designed to increase efficiency and enhance profitability.

Landlord Representation

We are committed to maximizing value and cash flow for property owners through improving operating efficiencies, leasing programs and friendly commission structures. GFRE brings experience as real estate owners, property managers and brokers across all commercial asset classes. From our roots in Tenant Representation we are able to better understand tenants’ needs and thus position and lease properties for landlords more effectively.

Investment & Multi-family Residential

Buying or selling an income producing property can be a profitable opportunity for the principals involved, but it also presents a variety of risks that must be managed appropriately. GFRE’s experience as principals gives our clients a distinct advantage, providing them with a very high level of expertise in negotiations and deal structure, and ultimately maximizing the value of their investment proposition. For a Client that is divesting a valuable asset, GFRE Commercial creates a unique and methodical program to maximize disposition value.


The north west Houston region, particularly The Woodlands and the Hwy 290 corridor, is an emerging market area being redefined by several specific growth catalysts that are shaping the future. Understanding the effects of these catalysts, and their influence on infrastructure expansion and demographic shifts, is a key to understanding land value and development potential. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, having GFRE Commercial as an advisor will add value to your deal.

Business Brokerage

Buying or selling an ongoing business enterprise requires confidentiality and very specialized professional expertise to ensure a successful transaction, including valuation and finance skills, business operations knowledge, identification and qualification of investors, and the countless other resources we offer our clients as an experienced business broker.